Get ready to smile – this year’s Spring Portrait Day will be your best one yet!

Just like fall, spring school portraits have blossomed into a tradition in their own right. Our spring programs offer you many advantages:

  • Convenience – studio-quality portraits taken in school save you time and hassles
  • Gift-giving – our portraits serve as timely and memorable keepsakes for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and other spring gift-giving occasions
  • No risk – our programs usually run on a “family approval” or “proof” basis; you view your portraits before deciding whether to buy
  • School support – many schools receive a contribution for each package produced or purchased; this means you financially help your school while filling your portrait needs

Learn more about your Spring Picture Day:

Your School’s Spring Background
Portrait Day Checklist

Clothing & Accessories
Grooming Tips
Spring Portrait FAQs 
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SundanceYour School’s Spring Background  

The Sundance portrait is posed half-length against a white column and warmed by an aura of golden shadows.

Keep colors neutral. Avoid bright colors or patterns.

: Wear your school uniform where required.


Portrait Day Checklist  

Getting a great picture is easy and fun. Just remind your kids to think about a few basics ahead of time.

check Check your hair and shirt collar at camera time
check Refresh makeup for a flawless portrait (for older teens)
check Practice your smile
check Remember good posture
check Wear your best colors
check Relax and smile at the camera as if it’s your best friend
check Be yourself and have fun


Clothing & Accessories  

Wondering how to dress for Spring Portrait Day? Lifetouch has nearly 70 years of experience to guide you toward your best look.

B42_Solids Choose solid colors or simple patterns that complement the portrait’s background
B42_darks Medium to dark shades create a timeless look
Soft Shades Soft shades enhance lighter backgrounds
Slogans Avoid shirts with slogans as photo cropping can cut words in half
Long_Sleeves Long-sleeved shirts are best since short sleeves can be distracting and sleeveless tops can look too casual
Earrings Select small accessories that do not detract, such as simple earrings, pins and necklaces

Grooming Tips

Plan for a portrait to remember by:

Haircut Scheduling a haircut two weeks before Portrait Day
Supplies Sending hair and makeup supplies to school with your child for quick touch-ups (for older teens)
SkinTones Limiting exposure to the sun a few days before Portrait Day 
Nails Making sure nails are trimmed and clean as hands may show in portrait

Spring Portrait FAQs

I have already purchased fall school portraits. What is spring Portrait Day?
fall portrait is a time-honored tradition and a necessity for school yearbooks. Lifetouch spring portrait programs offer a more expressive experience for your child with contemporary backgrounds, a 3/4-length pose and fun props. Spring portraits are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate how kids change and mature during the course of a school year.

How does the Lifetouch family approval program work?
All students are photographed except those who expressly opt out. Portrait packages are delivered to the school approximately two-three weeks after Portrait Day. Your family will have about 5-10 days to view the portraits and purchase those you want, returning those you choose not to purchase.

An order form with payment envelope is provided so your cash or check can be enclosed and returned to your student’s teacher. As most schools benefit financially from each package produced or sold, they appreciate families’ support and prompt response so they can close the program quickly.

How does the Lifetouch proof program work?
All students are photographed except those who expressly opt out. A proof sheet and order form are delivered to the school approximately two-three weeks after Portrait Day. Your family will have about 10 days to view the proof sheet and make your purchase decision. An order form and payment envelope are provided so your cash or check can be enclosed and returned to your child’s teacher. Portrait packages are delivered to the school approximately three weeks after you return your order form.

How do I opt-out if I don’t want my child photographed?
All flyers for family approval and proof programs include opt-out information. If you do not want your child photographed, simply send a note to your child’s teacher on or before Portrait Day. Your child will not be photographed and will not receive a portrait package (Family Approval program) or proof sheet (Proof program).

Is there an adult available to help my child prepare for his or her portrait?
Oft times parent volunteers help organize Portrait Day. Other times Lifetouch provides extra adult helpers from its own staff. Teachers also play an important role by escorting classes to the photography area. Additionally, Lifetouch provides free combs to encourage good portrait grooming.

How can I volunteer for Portrait Day?
We always welcome parent volunteers for Portrait Day. Please contact your local Lifetouch office for more information.

My child wears glasses. How do we ensure a good portrait?
Our photographers are trained to adjust lights and respectfully pose your child to minimize glass glare.

Can my child’s portrait be taken before gym class, lunch or recess?
We work with your child’s school to organize Portrait Day in the most efficient and least disruptive way possible. Sometimes that means we have to photograph after lunch or early in the afternoon. We have mirrors, combs and adult helpers on hand to make your child’s portrait the best it can be.

How quickly are finished portraits returned?
For a family approval program, your child’s photographs will be delivered to the school two-three weeks after Portrait Day. For a proof program, your child's portraits will be delivered to the school about three weeks after you have returned your order form and payment.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Personal checks or money orders are preferred, though cash is also accepted. The order form that accompanies your portraits has complete details, plus a convenient payment envelope.

I didn’t order enough portraits. Can I get more?
Absolutely. Simply follow the instructions on the reorder form in your portrait envelope.

Does my child’s school benefit from a Lifetouch Portrait Day?
Lifetouch is proud to be your school’s partner in education. In many cases, a portion of the portrait purchase price is returned to the school or sponsoring organization as part of its fund-raising activities.


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