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Through all the school years, special occasions call for portraits that capture the memories. Lifetouch School Portraits offers a variety of portrait products for these milestones:

Smilestones Cap & Gown Portraits
Commemorate student "graduation" from kindergarten and elementary schooling, complete with caps and gowns in school colors. Contact your local Lifetouch office to feature Smilestones in your school.

Preschool Portraits
This division specializes in one-of-a-kind preschooler portraits right at the daycare center. Visit our Preschool Portraits website for details.

Sports & Team Portraits
Lifetouch sports photographers can capture the "pro" side of any team. Learn more at our Sports & Team Portraits website.

Prom & Dance Portraits
Capture the best moments of those milestone evenings—learn more at our Prestige Prom & Dance website.

Seniors Graduation Portraits
Our Prestige Portrait division is dedicated to this special milestone in a Senior’s life. See our Prestige Portraits website for details.


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