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Yes, we take quality portraits, but don’t think of us simply as a school photographer.

Our commitment is to be your full-fledged partner in education, adding value in ways that enhance the learning climate in your school.

That is why we have developed the most extensive menu of school services and programs offered in our industry.

What We Offer
 • Safety and security programs to give you more control in how you protect your school

School pride programs to create spirit, celebrate achievements and lift morale


Administrative tools to help you manage your school more effectively and efficiently

 • Parent and community outreach programs to improve communication, build goodwill and solidify relationships
 • Student self-esteem programs to applaud effort and promote personal growth and values
 • Staff reward and recognition programs to thank teachers, help them save time and further their professional development
 • Yearbook support programs to save your advisor time and improve the quality of your yearbook

How We Offer These Programs
Our goal is a long-term relationship with every partner school we serve. Our approach is to listen first, so we can be certain we understand your needs and priorities.

Only then do we tailor and propose a menu of programs and solutions that makes you eligible to become a Lifetouch Five-Star School.

I Want to Know More!
Click here to have a Lifetouch representative contact you with more information about our administrative-support tools and services.

> School Security
> School Pride
> Administrative Tools
> Community Outreach
> Student Self-Esteem
> Staff Rewards
> Yearbook Support

School Services
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